Jean-Christophe ROBIN

Having always been passionate about creating wood, I quickly chose to make this material a life companion, both professional and personal.

As a young adult, I joined the Tour de France, with the Compagnons du Devoir, in carpentry training where I learned different techniques over seven years in many workshops.

After this very enriching journey, I return to another passion that has never left me by joining the school of wood sculpture in Avignon.

Explore the material

I then worked for a few years in a workshop where I specialized in curved staircases, before taking a position in team management, and project study in carpentry on large-scale construction sites. On the sidelines of this last activity I continue to explore the material with my own creations.

Today, I have set up my own business with one ambition : offer to a diverse clientele pieces such as art carpentry, stairs or combining furniture and sculpture. I am committed to creating functional works with an artistic approach. My creations bear witness to the idea that I have of the powerful and lasting link between the hand of man and the subtlety of wood. My work aims to give meaning to time in the era of the ephemeral. As an invitation to appreciate the things that remain and cross the generations. A quest for meaning and essences to provoke emotional pleasure through the beauty of gesture and material.

Subtle curves and geometric shapes

I am sensitive to sober and contemporary lines but also to touches of fantasy that can be brought by sculpture. I particularly appreciate the contrast between the liveliness of certain edges and the softness of the curves. Today, I create a collection of furniture inspired by organic or vegetal forms in the search for subtle and light curves contrasted by geometric shapes. For this I use my own bending techniques, and a lot of hand work.

I try to reveal these essences with particular care on the finishes by very fine sanding so that they retain their original and natural character. To be consistent, and in respect of this material that surrounds us, I work as much as possible with local solid wood.

A personalized and unique offer

I remain driven by the idea that there is meaning and a place in our habitat for everyday and contemporary objects that have a soul, shaped by the hand of man with creativity.

It is in this spirit that I offer you creations of furniture and sculpture but also creations to order in the fields:

interior fittings of your spaces
ornamental sculpture or statuary
carpentry and woodwork

For your projects, I will strive to target your expectations, understand your environment and respect your universe in order to offer you a personalized and unique offer.